Artist Review

Long before capturing a photograph, Clara Mill enters into a writing process. In a world of perpetual evolution and revolution, where the common rhythm is the most important, she chooses to testify about the ‘Unique” of human being. She thinks that Life is a Journey that slowly reveals the spine, The “architecture” of relationship & human being and of an unseen world. 

In her creative process, she uses drawing, painting and writing to sculpt and compose her final photographic capture. Her work is a never ending research of identity, framing her image from a different angle, giving to the audience the opportunity to approach and confront the scene from a different perspective.



The Roots (photography); Speos Gallery, Paris (FR) ; October 2016

Jane Bird & Chet (photography); Galerie Bièvres, Paris (FR) ; July 2015

Whispering (photography) Université permanente, Nantes (FR) ; March-April 2014

Paris Snowy (photography); Galerie Bièvres, Paris (FR) ; February 2011

Migrants (photography); National congress of psychoanalysts” & Imaje Santé – Marseille (FR) ; October 2010


Whisper & Beauty,Florence Biennale, Italie October 2019

“The Roots” Naples, Italie, August 2019

Whisper & Beauty (photography) ; The Other Art Fair, Chicago (USA) ; May 2019

Landfall (paintings) ; ArtRoooms Fair, Rome (IT) ; March 2019

The Roots (photography) ; Camberwell Arts / Speos, London (UK) ; December 2018

Whisper & Beauty (photography); ArtRoooms Fair, Rome (IT) ; March 2018

Whisper & Beauty (photography); Photofusion Gallery –  London (UK) ; Dec. 2017 – Jan. 2018

Angie (photography); Speos Gallery, Paris (FR) & London (FR) ; December 2014


Photographic and writing residence with Laurent Herrou, author & Jacqueline Genou, singer ; Brussels (BE) ; Novembre 2017 & May 2018

Dans Quelle Vie Tu Monde(s) ? ; Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris (FR) ;  2015-2016


Advertising photoshoot Barbara, le noir couleur lumière for Barbarie, singer & Mistiroux Production ; Nantes (FR) ; June 2017

Advertising photoshoot Transversalité ; National Congress of Psychoanalysts & Imaje Santé ; Marseille (FR), October 2017L


“Le Musee par la scene” / Edition Dixième époque / Fnac / France    • 2018 

Art Photo Magazine done with DQVTM at “Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature” / Paris / France  • 2017